Sligo town

Here I am in Sligo town in county Sligo. I am here to wait for the Feda O Donnel , Galway to Letterkenny bus. This bus will take me to the small village of Gortahork in County Donegal from there I will take a taxi to the Clo Visual Art and Media Laboratory (link) where my residency is. I will spend about 4 weeks here, and while I am here I will complete the project I have planning over the last year that I call Irish Arch-ifact: Tele-Objects.

Here are some more pictures from Sligo town

Sligo town’s Yeats Museum. Bilding donated by the Bank of Ireland. Watch out though as no bank in Ireland will accept any US cash currency over $50. I had $100s – OY! “Do you have an account?”, me “No, but I’d like to open one!” haha! They didn’t laugh. “Have you tried Bank of Ulster? or the Credit Union? or……” Yes – and – NO!

Sligo town’s library. Funny seems like a church?

This is the Sligo burough building with a statue of Alderman Foley – relative of Olympia’s own District Justice (to be?) Jim Foley.

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