Arrival at Clo and trip to Toriagh (Tory) Island

It’s been a rough time trying to access the interent here – my apologies for the lack of posts. Here are some pictures from a couple weeks ago. Today I rode a BMX bike about 8K into town to Lough Altan Hotel in Gortahork so that I could use the WIFI in the lobby. I had hoped to mail postcards – but arrived @ 5:45 to find that the post had closed at 5:30 – Oy!

Here is what I saw when the “taxi” droped me off – I bit scary since the residency buildings were no where in sight. It would be a long walk home!

Sara Everett, Noula, and Archil

Ah, the wonders of TP. Clo residency Artists Sarah Everett (from Seattle and Olympia – surprise – its a small world) Irish Artist, Noula from Galway, and Web designer and pianist extrordinaire Archil Turmanidze from Georgia

On the grounds of Clo with typically mysterious Mt Errigal, hight peak in Donegal (751 m)

  Errigal again on a “nice” day. Bog and lake in foreground.

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2 Responses to Arrival at Clo and trip to Toriagh (Tory) Island

  1. DAD says:

    Glad you made it. Why the bonfire of all bonfires? It is surprising to see all the cold weather clothes. It is scorching here in the eastern USA.

    • bilinireland says:

      The bonfire explanation and about 20 more pictures were left out of this post – another internet issue I guess. St John’s day sees the lighting of fires all over the place here. Walking home that night I saw a half dozen or so scattered all around the valley. I think St John’s Day is the Catholic celebration of Summer Solstice or Midsummers Eve. Another pagan holiday that was adapted to the purposes of the Catholic church. It has been cold rainy and windy almost every day. There really hasn’t been a truly sunny and warm day since I arrived. Although it hasn’t gotten anywhere close to freezing shorts have not been necessary.

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