Bil Fleming

This is blog of my artist residency at Clo Visual Art and Media Laboratory ( ). I will spend about 4 weeks here, and while I am here I will complete a project I have planning over the last year that I call Irish Arch-ifact: Tele-Objects.

Irish Arch-ifact will be synthesized from objects found in areas of hanging bog around my living quarters.  My process will endeavor to create minimal energy impacts so logistics of object collecting will be done by foot and bike as much as possible and will focus on objects found in a small local area.

The Tele-Object created is meant to represent and hold the spectral essence of the place over time by virtue of specific individuals contact with these household objects. So each found object in an assemblage operates like talisman or totem of specific history and interaction with humans. from this base of location-specific, time-nulifying, connection with objects, people,and times in other locations.

The form chosen is one that reaches out and bridges place – an arch, or more specifically half an arch in each location.

The project idea arose while I was in Yerevan, Armenia in the summer of 2011. I visited Armenia for an artist residency with the cultural exchange program there called AKOS ( ).  You can read about and see pictures from this 6 week stay in Armenia on my blog


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